General questions
a. Way2progress App is adding value to its users by providing the notifications about new business opportunities available in the market, related to the nature of business of the user as well as the location they served. It also provides the contact information of consumer/customers.
You should download way2progress, because it helps you to grow your business. Let’s say you are selling computer parts and have downloaded the way2progress on your mobile. Now anybody in your location or worldwide needs the computers parts then way2progress will send you notification on your mobile. You can direct connect to the customer and help your business to grow?
a) You need to download the way2progress and register with way2progress, by clicking on “Create New Account”
b) Fill the form and do “Sign Up”.
c) Please make sure, you have correctly defined the business category based on the nature of the business and location. This is mandatory to fetch the correct business leads. If it’s not correctly defined then you may not get the business leads based on your nature of business.
Registration or SignUp is taking the information about your business category and location. Based on this information way2progress will smartly notify you by the business leads related to your business.
Simple. You can log in with way2progress. The moment you logged in, way2progress will start displaying the business leads available in your location or worldwide based on the nature of your business.
It may possible that, there is no business leads are available in your location related to your business. Way2progress will notify you as soon as any leads related to your business will be available. You can wait for that.
a) Surely. Each leads will contain the information of contact of the person/company who needs the service/product.
b)All or any of below contact information will be provided:
  • Email Id
  • Contact number
  • WhatsApp number
  • Facebook Link
  • LinkedIn Link
  • Twitter Link
c) Once you get the details all the direct communication options will be available.
Yes, leads will contain the requirement about what customer need or what customer is looking for.
Yes, you can see the contact details and lead details by $2/leads.
Yes. Our smart business leads team is continuing researching the different sources and searching the business leads. All leads & contact details will be about to 99% genuine.
Yes, when you download the App, the sample leads will be available for you to view.

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